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Mary, known as Maranda in the pilot[1], is a member of Lost & Found Music Studios. She is the older sister of Jackie and the ex-girlfriend of Tully.

Biography Edit

Before the ShowEdit

Mary learned how to sing.

Season 1 Edit

Mary comes up with a risky plan to do her own version with different lyrics. She ends up auditioning for Lost & Found, by singing the song that John writes called "Original" without changing it. She also performs a recreational duet with Theo.[2]

Mary makes it into the studio, and is ecstatic. She hugs her sister, Jackie, when she finds out. At the studio, Mary performs a duet with Eva,who is her mentor, to which everybody is blown away by.[3]

Mary dances to the ending song, alongside the rest of the Lost & Found members.[4]

Mary starts dating a popular musician/D.J. named Tully (who uses the stage name Paradox) who is also Isaac's brother.

Season 2 Edit

When Isaac takes Tully's latest mix-tape from the glove box of his car to give Octavius in exchange for his getting Tully out of Lost & Found for good, Tully ends up blaming Mary for stealing it (having earlier given her a lift) and is really angry and rough with her — leaving Mary frightened and upset, as well as resulting in their breakup.

Mary helps make Isaac's birthday special, by celebrating it with him and supporting him.

Personality Edit

Mary is extremely kind, and is also very calm. She strongly believes in being original as well as being proud of who you are.

Physical appearance Edit

Mary is relatively tall, and has medium brown skin, brown eyes and long dark hair.

Wardrobe Edit

Mary wears earrings.

Relationships Edit


Main article: Jackie

Jackie is Mary's sister.


Main article: Theo

Mary and Theo seem to be good friends, when Theo is singing a song, Mary joins in and Theo says that he really likes her.


Main article: Tully

Tully was Mary's boyfriend. They broke up in season 2.

Eva Edit

Mary pushed Eva to come out of her shell and sing "Nobody Does It Better". After, that they became best friends

Appearances and absencesEdit


  1. "Invincible" (debut)
  2. "All About the Music"
  3. "Dancing in the Rain"
  4. "Potent Love"
  5. "Freebird"
  6. "Sunrise"
  7. "Callin' Callin' Part 1"


  1. "Day After Day"
  2. "Heart Shape"
  3. "Callin' Callin' Part 2"

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