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Write the most notable quote in the episode

— Who said the quote, if there is someone, who the quote was said to

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"Episode name" is the [number in season] in [season] of Lost & Found Music Studios and the [number in overall show]. It aired on [Family Channel air date] on Family Channel, [Netflix release date] on Netflix, [CBBC air date] on CBBC and [iTunes release date] on iTunes.


The source of the synopsisEdit

"Write the official synopsis."[1]


Write a detailed plot of the episode.


Add any facts that are said in the episode.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Write any cultural references of the episode. For every episode page, write the song that the episode shares the same name with.


List any errors.

Production errorsEdit

Write any errors to do with production.

Storyline errorsEdit

Write any errors that are about the storyline.

  • For example: "Rachel, after overhearing Leia speak to Hannah, tells Leia that according to her Mr. T, John, and herself think that the song is average, although Leia never mentioned John when she was speaking to Hannah."



List the main cast with their characters here in order of appearance in the episode. For example:


Also, list the recurring cast/characters (in order of appearance in the episode):


Add the minor characters in order of appearance. Minor characters are characters who have only made one appearance:


List the main characters, in alphabetical order, that were not in the episode:


List the songs that are heard in the episode in chronological order:

  • "Song name"
  • "Song name"


Add the template that links to the gallery sub-page of the episode by writing {{Gallery}} under the Gallery heading.

Annabelle season 1 episode 4 quote "Okay, please show me."

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Add any videos of the episode.


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List the references here by writing <references/>

  1. The link of where the synopsis is from. The website it is from. Reference's date of retrieval.