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Write a quote that describes something about the character (for example: personality, abilities).

— Who said the quote, "Which episode the quote is said in"

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Character name write something important about the character.


Before the Show

Write any events known about the character before the show started. Add references to prove your point. If nothing is known, either leave it blank, or for a musician, write they learnt how to make music.

Season 1

Leia season 1 episode 1

(Add images to guide the description.) Write a caption of what the character is doing.

Write what happens to the character in Season 1. Start a new paragraph for an episode. At the end of the paragraph add a reference.[1]

Here write what happens in a different episode to the first paragraph of the "Season 1" heading. Also add a reference.[2]


Write the personality of the character here.



Write here the physical appearance of the character. Add the hair colour, hair type, eye colour, skin colour and maybe height (exceptionally tall, relatively tall, etc.).


Write here what the character wears.


List here the abilities the character has. For all musicians, add a sub-heading called "Musical" for musical abilities.


Write any musical abilities here. Also, write if they are considered best songwriter (or something like that) here.


  • Singing: List the singing abilities.

String instruments

  • Ukulele: List the abilities on the ukulele.

Continue adding bullet points, like what has been done above but with different musical instruments.


Here write relationships between the character and other characters.

Other character

Main article: Pairing page of this character and other character
See also: Other character

Write information about the relationship.


The references that are earlier in the page will end up here if you write <references/> below the "References" heading.

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