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Leichel is the non-canon pairing between Leia and Rachel.


Leia and Rachel are very close and are formerly best friends, and have allegedly known each other for two years.[1]


Season 1Edit

"Lost and Found"Edit

  • Leia and Rachel dance together while the band perform "Lost and Found".
  • Leia confides in Rachel.

"See Through Me" Edit

  • Leia is happy for Rachel when her song is picked.
  • Leia and Rachel sit together in Java Junction.
  • Rachel is hurt when Leia says that her song is average.
  • Leia helps Rachel with her songwriting skills.
  • Leia shows Rachel how to put emotion into her songs.
  • Leia tells Rachel that she loves her.
  • Rachel and Leia hug.

"Play the Record"Edit

"Heart & Soul"Edit

"Potent Love"Edit

  • The two share secrets between one another.

"Heart Shape"Edit

  • Leia immediately tells Rachel about her "date" with Luke.




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