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Giselle was a dancer at The Next Step Dance Studio before she left in season 4 and is Clara's older sister.

Biography Edit

Before the show Edit

Giselle learned how to dance and joined The Next Step Dance Studio.

Season 1 Edit

Giselle Clara season 1 episode 5 2

Giselle reassures Clara to stay at the auditions.

Giselle is happy to find out that her younger sister, Clara, will audition for Lost & Found Music Studios.[1] On the day of auditions, Giselle encourages Clara to stay at auditions, when she tries to escape, and gives her advice and encouragement.[2] After Clara gets into Lost & Found (which Giselle is overjoyed about[3]), Giselle advises before her first official day.[4] However, after Clara plagiarizes "Free Bird"[5] (which Giselle is oblivious about), she argues with Clara upon Clara asserting that she has no friends.[6]

Personality Edit

Giselle is a pleasant, bubbly, and cheerful individual. However, she can also be short-tempered and argumentative.

Physical appearance Edit


Giselle has red-brown curled hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and a wide grin.

Wardrobe Edit

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Giselle's wardrobe mainly comprises of green, blue or white clothing.

Relationships Edit

Clara Edit

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Giselle Clara season 1 episode 12

Giselle admonishes Clara.

Clara is Giselle's younger half-sister. Giselle is supportive of her and always wants the best for her. Currently, Giselle is on bad terms with Clara after arguing.

Appearances Edit

Season 1Edit

Season 2 Edit

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Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

Annabelle season 1 episode 4 quote "Okay, please show me."

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