Eva season 1 episode 9 quote "I can't afford to have my thoughts exposed like this."

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Eva goes to Lost & Found Music Studios. She is a former member of the girls' band, after being replaced by Maggie.

She is best friends with Mary, and close friends with Jude. Other friends of hers are John, Hannah and Clara.

She is a shy, quiet girl who is slowly coming out of her shell. She is also often rebelling against her mother, who is very strict on her.

Biography Edit

Before the Show Edit

Eva joined Lost & Found Music Studios a year before.[1]

Season 1 Edit

Jude eva season 1 stm

Eva assists Jude with his music video.

Eva has no friends, as a result of her parents' austerity, at Lost & Found but becomes acquainted Jude and becomes friends with him (Jude is her first friend).[1] So as to come out of her shell, she helps Jude make a music video about perspectives.[2]

Eva chooses Mary (or rather she chooses Eva), a new Lost & Found member, to mentor. Rather than Eva mentoring Mary, it is more like Mary mentoring Eva. She is encouraged by her to perform her electric guitar in front of her (this is the first time she has ever performed her electric guitar in front of someone) and is convinced to perform a rock-and-roll song publicly. Eva is grateful for this.[3]

Eva season 1 episode 9 3

Eva notices that Jude is holding her diary.

Eva loses her diary, with her thoughts in them, and is worried if anyone finds them (in particular, her parents, who would not approve of what she writes). When Isaac and Jude perform, she notices Jude holding her diary. Her words are made into a rap by Jude and she feels completely exposed as a result. She confronts them and gets her diary back.[4] Later, Eva is apologized to by Jude who coaxes her to participate in a secret music session. She agrees. While performing a song, she is secretly recorded by Jude. She eventually discovers the video on the internet and is outraged. However, after being lectured by Jude, she comprehends that she has to get herself out there more.[5]

Eva finds out that Clara didn't write "Free Bird". She confronts Clara upon the subject and promises to keep it a secret.[6]

Eva callin' callin'

Eva auditions.

Thinking that it would be a fresh start for her, Eva convinces Clara to audition for the girls' band, when Maggie got kicked out. Eva, as well as Clara, auditions and Eva gets in.[7] Unfortunately, as the other three members want Maggie back in, Eva gets kicked out.[8]

Personality Edit

Eva is shy and quiet, especially due to the strictness of her parents. She also has a hard time believing in herself. Despite this, she is gradually coming out of her shell.

Physical appearance Edit

Characteristics Edit

Eva has wavy dirty blonde hair, dark eyes, and light skin. She has averge height and a good figure.

Wardrobe Edit

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She often wears clothes that are grey or blue.

Relationships Edit

Jude Edit

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See also: Jude

Jude is the first person to talk to her of the Lost & Found members. Eva considers Jude her first "very good friend".[5] In season 2, after Eva kisses John, she admits that Jude is the one she wants her first "real" kiss to be. Later on in the season, Jude admitted that he wished that he and Eva would be more than friends.

Mary Edit

See also: Mary

Eva is helped by Mary to come out of her shell, and the two become best friends.

Clara Edit

See also: Clara

Eva is the only friend of Clara's.[7] They are very close to one another and supportive of one another.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Eva is home-schooled.[3]

Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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