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Clara is a former singer at Lost & Found Music Studios and the former member of The Next Step Dance Studio. She is the younger sister of Giselle.

Biography Edit

Before the Show Edit

Clara allegedly attended The Next Step Dance Studio from a young age, along with her older sister, Giselle, but gradually became more interested in music rather than dance.[1]

Season 1 Edit

Clara parker season 1 ptr

Clara is convinced to audition by Parker.

Having a new interest for music, Clara enters Lost & Found and is caught singing by Parker who gives her a chance to audition. Clara accepts the invitation.[1] At her audition for The Next Step and Lost & Found, Clara is initially nervous during her song. After encouragement from Isaac and she improves[2] which ultimately lands her a spot at Lost & Found.[3] She sings a song in season 1 and is amazing.

Clara is gathered by Hannah to perform in a song circle. She can't sing, due to her anxiety, and this is noticed, causing Hannah to console her. Clara lies that she just didn't know the song well. She is given a chance by Hannah to perform again but fails again, causing her to cry.[4]

Annabelle Rachel Clara Leia Maggie season 1 episode 11

Clara hastily exits Java Junction after being exposed.

Clara sings a cover of "Free Bird" at Open Stage without freezing up. Due to the multiple compliments she gets, she accidentally lets out that she wrote the song when in fact, she didn't. She is admonished by Eva, who knows the truth, who promises to keep it secret. The truth eventually comes out, causing Clara's future to be voted on. As the vote goes on, Clara has a meltdown which is stopped when Eva suggests that if Clara composes an original song good enough, she can stay. She does so and stays[5] but is not happy about everything. She fights with Giselle about not having any friends (despite Hannah inviting her to the concert) and doesn't tell her about her predicament.[6]

Clara is advised to audition for the girls' band by Eva, who thinks it would be a fresh start for Eva. She auditions but does not get in but Eva does. This really infuriates Clara, making her think she is a failure.[7]

Season 2 Edit

Clara takes a break from Lost & Found and returns with a positive attitude. She performs a song with Jude and is very enthusiastic to take part. However, the enthusiasm makes Clara quite assertive and eventually quite bossy. Clara then has an argument with Jude, followed by an outburst. Clara then begins writing and producing music for the boys' band, but she becomes overwhelmed and falls into a depression. When Luke offers help she becomes furious and kicks him out of the room. With John's help, her parents pull her out of the studio so she can get diagnosed.

Personality Edit

Clara has very little confidence in herself and is quite timid. She often becomes scared on stage, affecting her performance.

Physical appearance Edit


Clara is pale, with wavy orange-red hair and blue eyes. She is very slim and short.


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Clara is often seen wearing colours such as pink and purple. She often wears sweaters with skirts.

Relationships Edit

Giselle Edit

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Giselle is Clara's older half sister. They are currently on bad terms after fighting.[6]


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Eva Clara season 1 episode 14

Clara reflects with Eva.

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